Karen Lefebvre-Christou is the Owner/Creative Genius behind art2life – the mother of all artlings. Passionate about art and driven by the need for a tactile creative outlet, Karen decided to combine her passion and skill to immortalize art through artlings. Bringing art to life in this way enables Karen to experience the joy of creation, as well as the thrill of watching each client experience their art on a whole new level.





The very first artling (see photo above) was hurriedly made as a last-minute gift for a friend’s toddler. Karen was so enthused with her son’s first drawing of a cat, that she wanted to immortalize it. It made a quirky, cute gift, but it was tough to give away! The next batch of artlings were made as gifts for her son’s pre-school teachers who were just completing their first year with their brand-new pre-school. The parents wanted to give a very special gift, a lasting legacy for future classes of students at this unique, creative, play-based school – something to remember each student for their individuality and creativity. They presented the teachers with a basket of artlings from the children’s drawings, and the response was overwhelming! The children could not believe their eyes when they saw their art ALIVE, and many parents urged Karen to turn her hobby into a business…Thus the artling was born…

Karen’s current passion is working to facilitate a partnership between art2life and hospitals and various organizations to provide children in need with an artling of their own. Karen hopes that through funding and grants, children in Philadelphia and beyond who are undergoing difficulties will be able to experience the thrill and therapy of seeing their art come to life.

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